Women in STEM

Image via Pixabay


As a woman in a tech, I feel a calling to encourage and lead other women who enter this field to be confident — to stand up for what they believe and to speak their minds.

More broadly, I love to lead engineers (both women and men), and to mentor them as they develop their careers. I have made plenty of mistakes over the past 20 years while establishing my own career, and find value helping others avoid making the same mistakes. I currently lead a growing team of nearly 30 engineers, spread across the U.S., and take pride in aligning their skills and career aspirations with the best suited clients and projects to help them learn and grow.

I am also very passionate about Lean SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle methodology). I believe it is necessary to think through security, quality, deployability, monitoring, and everything in between during the coding process rather than simply assuming these measures will be conducted after the code has been completed. Taking leadership on a project to view it holistically and apply forethought to each step in the process is critical to delivering a thorough, sound solution in the most cost-effective, efficient way.

If I could offer one piece of advice to women entering or already working in tech, it would be this: Never be afraid to take on risks and challenges. Don’t let anyone else’s opinion of what you can or cannot do discourage you.