Webinar - Elevating Security Orchestration with CACAO

On Tuesday, Jun 23, 2020 New Context will be participating in a webinar on a new evolving standard called Collaborative Automated Course of Action Operations (CACAO). CACAO is a cybersecurity standard to define executable, course-of-action response playbooks and workflows. 

During the webinar, leaders in the CACAO effort will discuss the persistent challenges facing security orchestration technology today and how CACAO will tackle the orchestration issues in a heterogeneous security environment.

Security teams, including incident responders, threat hunters, and security operations, will learn about examples that can help them take advantage of this new standard for secure collaboration and sharing.

The webinar is free to all. Register now


  • Allan Thomson, Chief Technology Officer, LookingGlass Cyber Solutions, (CACAO Co-Chair)
  • Bret Jordan, Technical Director in the Office of the CTO, Broadcom, (CACAO Co-Chair)
  • Stephanie Hazlewood, STSM & SOAR Architect, IBM Security CTO Office
  • Andrew Storms, VP of Security Services, New Context