22 06, 2016

Beyond the Cloud: When Industrial Data Centers Become Intelligent

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There are certain inflection points, transitions, and cyclical patterns in technology. Mainframe to personal computer, desktop to mobile, mobile to wearables -- each pushing the center of computing back and forth, back and forth. With each of these inflections there are concurrent power shifts; IBM to Microsoft, Microsoft to Apple, [...]

10 06, 2016

Lean Security: How Better Development Can Protect Your Business

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Image via Pixabay.com If companies are to reach their strategic goals—reducing time to market, boosting sales, improving product market fit and brand image, and cutting cybersecurity costs—then it’s time for a new outlook on software security. Today’s business leaders must learn to see security for what it is: [...]

10 06, 2016

New Context Architect Tackles Trust at Cloud Security World 2016 in Boston

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On Tuesday, June 14th, our newest employee Ben Tomhave will present “Automagic! Shifting Trust Paradigms Through Security Automation” to the audience at Cloud Security World 2016 in Boston. According to Ben, “Trust is an interesting thing, providing the foundation of civilization. When a person - or computer - violates our [...]

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