New Context to Share the Stage With California Utilities and National Laboratories at DistribuTECH Conference & Exhibition in New Orleans LA

February 05, 2019 09:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–New Context, a leading development firm building secure compliant data platforms for Fortune 500 Companies, will join partners in the California Energy Systems for the 21st Century (CES-21) program in addressing the audience at DistribuTECH, and discuss the results of its 4 years of involvement in the program. CES-21 focused on establishing and demonstrating concepts on machine to machine automated threat response for control systems, as well as simulation of large scale grid security. The session will discuss how California state-supported research has added to the security community. New Context will focus on their support to leverage the cyber threat information standard STIX in order to significantly accelerate sharing of threat intelligence and automated remediation, resulting in advancements to the ICS security community that will support future grid security endeavors.


“The CES-21 program has been a great collaborative initiative with technical experts from California’s three largest investor-owned electric utilities — Pacific Gas and Electric, Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas and Electric — the Idaho National Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and New Context,” said Andrew Storms, VP of Product at New Context. “Bringing New Context’s knowledge of cyber threat intelligence, automation, ICS and security to the effort was an immense opportunity. We look forward to continuing to apply our cybersecurity expertise as the project continues.”


“This research is important to building truly scalable solutions to secure the energy grid,” said Daniel Riedel, Founder and CEO of New Context. “New Context has been proud to be a contributor in embracing IT/OT convergence, and we look forward to continuing to support Utilities in their journey of improved energy grid protection.”


Designing and building secure, compliant, and resilient systems to support critical infrastructure is increasingly driven by IT/OT Convergence, which raises unique challenges for public utilities. Advances in cybersecurity detection technology and the emergence of threat intelligence standards like STIX and TAXII are making information sharing among independent service providers possible. CES-21 research demonstrates how system design based on interoperability will foster lower cost and simpler integration among all participants in the ecosystem. Threat behavior can be detected and shared effectively and can be practically applied to OT software and networks. The outcome has the beginnings of more robust, secure and resilient software infrastructure, and demonstrates the benefit of partnering state government research with industry and utility experts to advance the security of critical infrastructure. In the spirit of this collaboration, New Context is proud to be a part of the Open Source release of Structured Threat Intelligence Graph (STIG) during the DistribuTECH 2019 event.


Both Daniel Riedel and Andrew Storms will be at DistribuTECH. The CES-21 panel session is on Thursday, February 07, 2019, 8:45 AM – 10:15 AM, room 263 at DistribuTECH Conference & Exhibition in New Orleans, LA.


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