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We are en route to digitize the physical world, and the Industrial IoT is seen as a major driver for technology adoption. Yet, we are faced with 2 competing sides : the IT side and the OT side. There is economic advantage to integrate IT and OT under one single “Digital Transformation” umbrella, but few companies have been able to do it. Why is it so hard?

When it comes to convergence, there is one elephant in the room: the ICS (Industrial Control System). ICS have been designed to make sure that industrial asset operates within optimal parameters and safety conditions. Complex industrial machines can create significant real world damage if they go out of band.

The primary objectives of OT are Safety, Availability, Integrity, Confidentiality. On the IT side, most organizations prioritize Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of data. Understanding the importance of ICS and the differences in priority is the first challenge IT and OT teams have to overcome to get on track and start achieving IT/OT convergence.

At New Context, we help companies protect and secure their enterprise data coming from critical infrastructure, and achieve IT/OT convergence.
-Dimitri Volkmann, CMO @ New Context

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