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LS/IQ uses industry insider knowledge to tell you what security and compliance requirements your customers will demand.

How many times have you thought the deal was done and then be given a long questionnaire about your security and compliance practices? LS/IQ helps to solve that by informing the business ahead of time.

LS/IQ is the data-driven cybersecurity tool built for small technology companies selling to larger enterprises that have highly regulated security and compliance requirements.

Cyber assessment and strategy platform built for the sales department to help close deals faster

  • Pre approved RFP answers

  • Specific guidance per industry

  • Up to date knowledge base

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Get Your DevSecOps Scorecard

DevSecOps Scorecard is the first tool that New Context has deployed to score the capabilities of Lean Security®, a Secure DevOps framework within our organization. DevSecOps Scorecard calculates a score which indicates your current security posture and gives high-level guidelines on how to improve. If you want to go deeper and broader into this tool, you can subscribe to the full LS/IQ product.