Lean Security® Intelligence Platform

LS/IQ empowers a business to adopt DevSecOps and maintain security and compliance.

Reduce risk and increase velocity, by building an organization that delivers software that is resilient, secure and compliant.

Lean Security diagram

LS/IQ implements the principles, practices and tactics of the Lean Security® Methodology. Lean security is the consistent practice of enabling secure devops and is used to build secure and compliant software in the enterprise that increases efficiency, effectiveness and resilience.

Lean Security® starts with four core guiding principles: Awareness, Simplification, Automation and Measurement.
Learn more about the principles by reading our Lean Security® manifesto and check our blog post Unpacking Lean Security.
The next level covers best practices for software development: agile, devops, security and compliance. Finally tactics such as culture, training, SDLC and controls – just to name a few – are tuned and implemented depending on your specific environment.

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LS/IQ is different from other tools as it looks at the entire ecosystem of your organization: people, process and infrastructure. LS/IQ scans and audits that ecosystem, applies security models and governance models, and produces:

  • Your LS/IQ score, which is a measure of your current security posture

  • Your LS/IQ roadmap, a set of tasks and actions to be taken in order to improve your score

LS/IQ delivers a strategic roadmap and score to optimize your development processes and resources, to build software that is secure and compliant, and put you on a path to implement DevSecOps.

LS/IQ Architecture graphic


  • Rates the organization
  • Accelerates compliance and allows to perform accurate audits
  • Provides measurement
  • Creates risk mitigation plan


  • Produce secure and compliant software
  • Know your score and your roadmap to improve it
  • Get more accurate and faster audits
  • Build more resilient technology
  • Streamline compliance frameworks (such as SOC2 and PCI)
Download the LS/IQ Datasheet
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Get Your DevSecOps Scorecard

DevSecOps Scorecard is the first tool that New Context has deployed to score the capabilities of Lean Security®, a Secure DevOps framework within our organization. DevSecOps Scorecard calculates a score which indicates your current security posture and gives high-level guidelines on how to improve. If you want to go deeper and broader into this tool, you can subscribe to the full LS/IQ product.