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An OODA Loop Diagram Approach to Cloud Security

By |June 15th, 2021|Categories: Blog, DevSecOps, Secure Compliant Data Platform|

The OODA loop diagram is a military strategy that has been popularized and applied to other stressful, high-risk situations, including network and cloud security breaches. The OODA loop was originally conceptualized by US Air Force Colonel John Boyd to help fighter pilots in combat scenarios gain an advantage over their [...]

6 Cloud Security Basics to Get Your Company to the Next Level

By |June 10th, 2021|Categories: Blog, DevSecOps, Secure Compliant Data Platform|

The best time to plan and implement a cloud security strategy is before you migrate your data, applications, and infrastructure to a cloud provider. The second best time is right now. Though cloud security involves a lot of moving parts, understanding the cloud security basics is easy and can get [...]

Review Your Data Protection Compliance Checklist for These 3 Steps

By |June 8th, 2021|Categories: Blog, DevSecOps, Secure Compliant Data Platform|

Every major enterprise has a data protection compliance checklist. It's a necessity to stay up to date in any industry. Compliance failures can create a lot of problems, from fines and penalties to lost client trust. That checklist is the first line of defense to ensure adherence to a complex [...]

Comparing Infosec and Cybersecurity: Two Types of Data Security With a Common Goal

By |June 4th, 2021|Categories: Blog, Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI), DevSecOps, Secure Compliant Data Platform|

Infosec and cybersecurity are two primary concerns for modern organizations. While they're separate areas, they're very closely linked because so much information is in digital storage. This is especially true given the rapid digital acceleration of 2020, where we saw COVID-19 speed the adoption of digital tools by three to [...]

What are the Benefits of Principle of Least Privilege (PoLP) for My Organization?

By |May 27th, 2021|Categories: Blog, DevSecOps, Secure Compliant Data Platform|

The principle of least privilege, or PoLP, is an information security philosophy that says any user, application, or process should have only the bare minimum network and system permissions necessary to perform its function. When you limit user and application access to only the necessities, you reduce the risk of [...]

Building a Data Pipeline Architecture Based on Best Practices Brings the Biggest Rewards

By |May 25th, 2021|Categories: Blog, DevSecOps, Secure Compliant Data Platform|

Modern data pipelines are responsible for much more information than the systems of the past. Every day, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created, and it needs somewhere to go. A data pipeline is a series of actions that drive raw input through a process that turns it into actionable [...]

12 Types of Social Engineering Attacks to Look Out For

By |May 20th, 2021|Categories: Blog, Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI), DevSecOps|

One of the biggest weaknesses in any organization’s cybersecurity strategy is human error. Social engineering attacks take advantage of this vulnerability by conning unsuspecting people into compromising security and giving out sensitive information. Social engineers use various psychological hacks to trick you into trusting them or create a false sense [...]

4 Lean Information Security Lessons to Interface With Your Data Management Philosophy

By |May 18th, 2021|Categories: Blog, DevSecOps, Secure Compliant Data Platform|

Lean information security is a method of taking an older concept and applying it to new challenges in an organization. Data is a big part of it. Today, it represents one of a company's most significant assets—and its largest liability. Overall, data breaches cost companies $1.3 billion in 2019. That [...]

Beyond Compliance: Data Security and Data Privacy Differences Explained

By |May 13th, 2021|Categories: Blog, Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI), Secure Compliant Data Platform|

If your organization collects or manages data, the security and privacy of that data must be one of your top priorities. The handling of sensitive data like identities, finances, or health records requires special attention to stay compliant with privacy regulations and to protect that data from malicious actors. In [...]

11 Characteristics of Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) That Set Them Apart

By |May 11th, 2021|Categories: Blog, Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI), DevSecOps|

Advanced persistent threats, or APTs, are groups of people—cybercrime organizations, activist groups, or political organizations—who carry out sophisticated, long-term security breaches. Their very nature makes them difficult to track, and organizations targeted by advanced persistent threats often never find out who exactly is behind them. Traditional security tools like antivirus [...]

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