SAN FRANCISCO – June 12, 2017 – New Context, a Lean Security company that automates the orchestration, governance, and protection of the Industrial Internet, today announced it has named Trey Darley as Director of Standards Development. Darley also serves as Technical Director for the IoT ISAO and as a co-chair within the OASIS Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Technical Committee.

“Trey has been heavily involved in the CTI space since 2013, particularly in terms of the STIX/TAXII standards process,” said Daniel Riedel, CEO of New Context. “Since before ‘DevOps’ was even a word, he has been working towards security automation at the intersection of DevOps and information security. We have long collaborated with Trey through industry organizations, and are thrilled to be adding his unparalleled expertise to the New Context team.”

Darley is both a FIRST Liaison Member as well as the official liaison between OASIS and FIRST. He is active within a number of FIRST SIGs working on parallel tracks with the OASIS Technical Committees. He has developed an extensive network of relationships within both OASIS and FIRST, as well as within the broader InfoSec community.

“I’m thrilled to be joining the New Context team,” said Darley. “Over the past few years I’ve been very impressed by New Context’s unwavering commitment to supporting the advancement of cutting-edge open standards and their vision for advancing the state of play within Infosec. New Context has some amazing people. It’s been my privilege getting to know them through our joint efforts on open standards and it’s an honor to now call them my teammates. The IoT ISAO, while nascent, has tremendous promise. Its launch is particularly well-timed, given recent events in the news. I believe that New Context will be a nexus of exciting developments in information security.”

As the Director of Standards Development at New Context, Darley will continue his work on security-related open standards, including STIX/TAXII and OpenC2, and be based in Brussels, Belgium.

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