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OASIS announced that organizations and government agencies from around the world are joining forces to advance a standardized language for cyber operations command and control. The work of the new OASIS OpenC2 Technical Committee enables defenders to respond to cyber attacks in machine-speed and helps to ensure greater interoperability among products.

“Our vulnerable attack surface is increasing, as are the adversaries targeting our systems and networks,” said Daniel Riedel, CEO, New Context. “Security automation is a force multiplier for defenders. New Context is committed to the development of OpenC2 as we are convinced that an open, vendor-neutral standard for driving interoperable machine-driven mitigation and incident response is essential in order to enable organizations to cope with the rising challenges and growing numbers of increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.”

OASIS has welcomed the addition of OpenC2 to their cybersecurity portfolio based on its ambitious mission and solid multilateral support. The OASIS Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Technical Committee (responsible for advancing the STIX and TAXII standards) are collaborating closely with the OpenC2 effort to ensure symmetry. “Since the OpenC2 working group moved to OASIS, there’s been an influx of new blood,” said Trey Darley, New Context’s Director of Open Standards, “resulting in a corresponding surge in momentum.”