August 30, 2017 — San Francisco — New Context today announced its selection of Ever to complement its portfolio strategy around building Artificial Intelligence (AI) into critical infrastructure which can address human attribution and the rapidly increasing identity problem on the public internet caused by anonymous hacking, insider threats and cyber-attacks.

Ever’s proprietary facial recognition algorithms group faces attributed to one person from infancy through adulthood. This technology provides the ability to match a photo against an organization’s database of photos to surface and confirm identities quickly, and easily. Banks and financial service organizations can leverage this technology to confirm the identity of a user or group of users within an application and advertisers can use the technology to prove they reached a human as opposed to a Bot or a machine – and that the individual is the actual customer or prospect they and their advertising partners and agencies had originally intended to reach.

The integration of Ever’s industry-leading facial recognition technology into New Context’s AI portfolio, which includes recent AI alliance partners like Pinn, enhances New Context’s secure attribution offerings and the firm’s ability to further expand its solutions around identification, authorization and authentication across all networks, cloud services and devices. “The addition of Ever into our AI portfolio will provide an unprecedented level of assurance in the identification of a human user,” said Daniel Riedel, CEO, New Context. “This technology advancement will drive security forward across critical infrastructure, government and enterprise.”

Ever hosts billions of photos captured in a variety of angles and lighting situations, stored for its consumer-oriented service. The firm uses machine learning to recognize patterns from structured and unstructured data and the quantity and range of hosted photos allows them to train machine learning models to be some of the most accurate in the world. The accuracy of Ever’s models will significantly boost New Context’s ability to deliver key identity and attribution technologies to critical infrastructure.

In a recent partnership announcement with Pinn, Doug Aley, Chief Revenue Officer, Ever cited the growing importance of identification. “The anonymity of users in secure environments is a problem that’s not going away,” said Aley. “It’s time to find better, more accurate means of attributing identity. Pinn has led the charge in attribution and by combining their capabilities with our facial recognition technology, we’re able to provide an incredibly high level of assurance in the human identity of a user.”

About New Context:

New Context is a Lean Security company that automates the orchestration, governance, and protection of the industrial Internet. We are a team of experts with extensive backgrounds in information security and scalable, secure application development. Our tools and processes streamline development frameworks to ensure transparent and secure IT software development within DevOps processes. New Context is Headquartered in San Francisco.

About Ever:

Ever, Inc. is a software company developing Artificial Intelligence solutions for enterprise Computer Vision and identity attribution problems. Unlike other companies offering AI solutions, Ever AI is based on a proprietary data set from Ever, the company’s top grossing iOS and Android photo storage applications. Ever securely stores and automatically organizes over 12B photos and videos for over 11M customers in 95 countries and 17 languages globally. The company’s patent-pending technique of collecting tagged data from consumer accounts and integrating it into its models, has helped it develop the largest tagged data set ever used to build enterprise-ready facial and object recognition APIs and SDKs (iOS and Android).