Last Thursday, October 26, our CEO, Daniel Riedel, had the honor of testifying before the Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources during a hearing to examine cyber technologies that can be used to help protect electric grids and energy infrastructure from cyber attacks.

“New Context is currently working on advancing five areas of cyber-defense for critical infrastructure,” stated Riedel. “Identity, trusted data, attributed isolated networks, threat detection, and automated remediation all help build a stronger grid. These technologies allow for greater innovation and flexibility, while addressing more complex and sophisticated cyber attacks.”

Riedel explained how investing in these technologies can address the core problems of cyber security and change the economics of an attack by significantly lowering the cost of defense.

Daniel Riedel, CEO New Context

Daniel Riedel serves as Chief Executive Officer and Board Director of New Context, a Lean Security Firm. With over 20 years of experience in technology and operational infrastructure, Riedel is an entrepreneur with experience building secure, scalable technologies and businesses. He has broad experience in engineering, security, operations, analytics and product development.