San Francisco, CA – May 12, 2014 – New Context, a systems architecture firm dedicated to optimizing, securing and scaling solutions, and CPLANE NETWORKS today announced a strategic partnership to deliver OpenStack optimization and acceleration services for enterprises and cloud service providers. OpenStack is the leading open-source software platform for building private and public clouds. The partnership was announced in conjunction with the latest OpenStack Summit in Atlanta, Ga., a five-day conference for worldwide users, developers and administrators to collaborate, explore and improve the software.

New Context delivers full OpenStack life cycle management, accelerating initial deployment, streamlining operations and easing migration to future releases. CPLANE NETWORKS’ Dynamic Virtual Networks (DVN) is “Built for OpenStackTM” to ensure complete compatibility and deliver unmatched network performance and scalability.

“One of the biggest challenges for our customers is getting over the initial OpenStack installation hurdle,” said Daniel Riedel, CEO of New Context. “Combined with CPLANE’s powerful software-defined networking solution, OpenStack is becoming the most robust offering available for private and public clouds. New Context’s automation suite dramatically streamlines the installation process and reduces the time required to realize the benefits of cloud service orchestration. Those same levels of automation and integration are then applied to the application deployment process. Time to market for new services is a critical business driver, and we’re focused on reducing the time it takes to deploy those services from days and weeks to just minutes.”

“The network has historically lagged behind server and computer virtualization, but that’s no longer the case,” said Brandon Williams, CEO of CPLANE NETWORKS. “DVN eliminates a major bottleneck in OpenStack – the Network Node. We make OpenStack production-ready to meet the scale, performance and security demands of even the largest enterprise cloud environments.”

Riedel said the partnership responds to the growing demands for responsive services amid the pressures of cost containment and skillset shortages that enterprises and cloud service providers are facing. “The industry must move from system configuration to service construction. It’s about making IT services easy to consume at a lower cost,” said Riedel.

“DevOps and open source orchestration are dramatically changing the way data centers deliver services. CPLANE NETWORKS and New Context are at the nexus of these two revolutions with radically innovative and transformative technologies,” said Williams.

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