Our mission is to use Lean Security to automate the orchestration, governance and protection of critical infrastructure.


Keeping the connected world safe.

About New Context

Founded in 2013, New Context is an innovator in the security of data for highly regulated industries including energy, telecommunications, finance and government. We help our customers around the globe prepare for security orchestration, building critical infrastructure that works with emerging tech. We’re passionate about protecting the organizations, communities, and families living together in our connected world, and you’ll see that commitment in everything we do.

Our Values

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Meet the team

Adam Patterson, Senior Engineer
Adam Patterson
Senior Engineer
Adam Wieberg, Senior Engineer
Adam Wieberg
Senior Engineer
AJ Koehler, Senior Engineer
AJ Koehler
Senior Engineer
Alyce Hayes, Director of Human Resources
Alyce Hayes
Director of Human Resources
Andrew Storms
Andrew Storms, CISSP
VP Product & Security Services
Brandon Raabe, Senior Engineer
Brandon Raabe
Senior Engineer
Bryce Lynn, Eng. Manager
Bryce Lynn
Engineer Manager
Chris Cuming, Engineering Manager
Chris Cuming
Engineering Manager
Christian Hunt, Principle Security Engineer
Christian Hunt
Principle Security Engineer
Colby Goetell, Senior Engineer
Colby Goettel
Senior Engineer
Dan Herman, Senior Engineer
Dan Herman
Senior Engineer
Daniel Riedel, CEO New Context
Daniel Riedel
David Barringer, Engineering Manager
David Barringer
Engineering Manager
David Lcuas, Senior Engineer
David Lucas
Ed Bartholomew, Engineering Manager
Ed Bartholomew
Engineering Manager
Justin Dossey, CTO
Frank Koehl
Director of Engineering
Holly Petersen, Sales & Office Manager
Holly Petersen
Sales & Office Manager
Jason Ghent, Senior Engineer
Jason Ghent
Senior Engineer
Jeff Campbell, VP of Finance & Accounting
Jeff Campbell
VP of Finance & Accounting
Joe Jackson, Senior Engineer
Joe Jackson
Senior Engineer
Jordan Wesolowski, Senior Engineer
Jordan Wesolowski
Senior Engineer
Juan Segovia, Direct of Managed Services
Juan Segovia
Director of Managed Services
Justin Dossey, CTO
Justin Dossey
Justin Ferguson, Sr. Application Security Engineer
Justin Ferguson
Sr. Application Security Engineer
Justyn Shull, Engineering Manager
Justyn Shull
Engineering Manager
Kelly Cullinane, Director of Utility & Energy Services
Kelly Cullinane
Director of Utility & Energy Services
Kenneth Myers, Senior Engineer
Kenneth Myers
Senior Engineer
Kevin Buchs, Senior Engineer
Kevin Buchs
Senior Engineer
Kevin Chan, Senior Engineer
Kevin Chan
Senior Engineer
Marlon Kautz, Senior Engineer
Marlon Kautz
Senior Engineer
Matthew Palen, Senior Engineer
Matthew Palen
Senior Engineer
Michael Balmer, Senior Engineer
Michael Balmer
Senior Engineer
Mike Bergfors, Director of Operations
Mike Bergfors
Director of Operations
Mike Glenney, Solutions Architect
Mike Glenney
Solutions Architect
Mike McClanahan
Director of Client Services
Mike Salayko, Senior Engineer
Mike Salayko
Senior Engineer
Neil Primmer, Senior Engineer
Neil Primmer
Senior Engineer
Nick Willever, Engineering Manager
Nick Willever
Engineering Manager
Justin Dossey, CTO
Patrick Duggan
Sham Chotai,CDO
Sham Chotai
Stan Antov, Senior Engineer
Stan Antov
Senior Engineer
Steve Kluth, Engineering Manager
Steve Kluth
Director of Engineering
Tim Madison, Engineer
Tim Madison
Wendell Wolfe, Senior Engineer
Wendell Wolfe
Senior Engineer