LS/IQ is a software solution based on New Context’s engagements with highly regulated customers. LS/IQ is for businesses to understand their security posture, adapt and maintain data security and compliance.

Based on continuous improvement, LS/IQ captures company and employee data using self assessment survey and integration with IT tools. Applying content frameworks for regulatory, IT compliance, software development best practices, LS/IQ generates your LS/IQ Score and LS/IQ Roadmap.

The LS/IQ Score is built using industry standard security and compliance metrics as well as additional relevant metrics defined by New Context. The LS/IQ Roadmap is a clear list of tasks to be completed in order to improve your LS/IQ Score.

Based on #LeanSecurity, LS/IQ enables a more resilient company by producing secure and compliant software.

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LS/IQ product screenshot