Find Out Where You Stand – Get Your DevSecOps Scorecard


A calculated score that indicates your current security posture.


  • First steps towards secure and compliant software.

  • Identify improvements required to reduce risk.

  • Evaluation of your organizations and infrastructures performance.


After completing the survey, you will receive your score and get an idea of your current DevSecOps maturity. One of our fully qualified CISSPs will reach out to you with a complimentary 30-Minute Consultation. At that time, we can answer any questions you may have and guide you towards the first steps in secure and compliant software.


“New Context’s decades of experience guarantees the value of the ratings and the roadmap for improvements. DevSecOps Score Card is a great way to get started and envision the power of LS/IQ.”

-Dan Feshbach, Founder/CEO at MeasureOne


New Context DevSecOps Scorecard Low Score

A low score indicates that you need to address shortcomings in your organization and infrastructure. Based on our LS/IQ data, its likely your organization experiences the following characteristics:

  • The organization has a difficult time of passing an audit.
  • Unplanned events such as a new security threat can cause disarray in your organization.
  • Security audits cost too much and take too long.
  • Your team likely needs significant levels of guidance to meet security, compliance or privacy requirements.

LS/IQ can help by providing a more accurate LS/IQ Score and the LS/IQ roadmap. Once you have implemented this roadmap, your LS/IQ Score will improve significantly.

New Context DevSecOps Scorecard Medium Score
A medium score indicates that you have some level of maturity in your organization. Based on our LS/IQ data, its likely your organization experiences the following characteristics:

  • Your organization understands what compliance frameworks the business must comply to, but finds them overly burdensome.
  • The organization meets security or compliance requirements but results in costly manual processes.
  • You have established basic tools and processes to measure business performance and security risk.
  • The organization has invested in various disparate systems that may cause excessive business complexity.

LS/IQ can still help you get better by providing your LS/IQ roadmap that will, upon implementation, have a positive impact on your LS/IQ Score.

New Context DevSecOps Scorecard High Score
A high score indicates that its likely your organization experiences the following characteristics:

  • The organization understands and meets most security and compliance requirements.
  • It’s likely you make use of automation for processes and have created a prioritized list of other areas to automate.
  • You are on your way to implementing business-wide industry best practices and controls.
  • You’ve got some tools and processes in place to automatically measure the organization on a daily basis and strives to improve itself.

You have likely already taken the basic steps towards good security and compliance. Yet, LS/IQ can give you a better measurement with the LS/IQ Score, and still improve your posture by delivering the LS/IQ Roadmap. Once implemented, you’ll have a stellar LS/IQ Score.