In our digital societies, data assurance is now imperative. We’ve developed a Lean Security Manifesto that software development teams should believe in and adhere to and we’re sharing it with you to demonstrate its importance.

All of the software we write hinges on data – an invaluable asset that must be protected, and is becoming increasingly subject to governance and regulation. We must form a united front and assume responsibility for understanding what we build and the rules and regulations of that data.

Lean Security Manifesto

We believe the 4 core principles define Lean Security and provide meaningful guidance for everyone to use as a daily reminder of how we can individually do our part to keep the connected world safe.

  • Awareness
    We take a responsibility to be aware of the life cycle of data and the laws, policies, governance and regulatory requirements to appropriately classify and protect that data.
  • Simplification
    We build the simplest solution that satisfies requirements to maximize maintainability and minimize vulnerability.
  • Automation
    We create efficiency, repeatability and scalability through automation to ensure the security, compliance, governance and integrity of the data.
  • Measurement
    We implement actionable measurements to inform a feedback loop that ensures governance, improves efficiency and reduces risk.

The New Context Team
October 2017

Version 1.0