New Context Lean Security Assessment

Curious about how our Lean Security Assessment process brings Agile, Lean, Security and DevOps together into one practice? Read on.

Lean Security Assessment gets you visibility and tools to ensure your data security.

The Assessment is broken into 4 main categories of vision, collection analysis and reporting. It follows the principles of our Manifesto for Lean Security. The New Context team begins the on-boarding process by sitting down with your team to understand your vision, strategy and mission, following that is an iterative and cyclical process of collecting data, analyzing and generating a final report with actionable recommendations.

The objectives typically include:

  • Software delivery pipeline time to market objectives.
  • Software delivery of applications and infrastructure readiness for development staff.
  • The use of automation and instrumentation.
  • Adherence to information security compliance objectives.

Findings are delivered in the form of a roadmap showing a path to reach the your data security goals.

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