Lab Day on the Hill

Photo from Senator Jim Risch’s @SenatorRisch twitter.


On July 24, New Context was honored to join Idaho National Laboratory in Washington, DC for “National Lab Day on the Hill.” The annual event focused on the grid of the future with exhibitions from all 17 National Labs. The event showcased the collective strength of the Department of Energy’s National Lab system in finding science and technology solutions for our nation.


Over the past 4 years, New Context has worked collaboratively with several National Labs on developing a range of cutting edge cybersecurity tools. This year’s exhibition highlighted a software package, Structured Threat Intelligence Graph (STIG), a tool that allows cybersecurity professionals to author cyber threat intelligence using the international standard of Structured Threat Information Expression (STIX). STIG makes it significantly easier to visualize cyber threat intelligence and can turn thousands of lines of computer code into images that are easy to understand and distribute. This tool has significant applications for infrastructure owners and operators, primarily electric utilities. Find out more about the opensource tool STIG.

Speaking at the event, Senator Jim Risch (R-ID) stated, “Today is a great day to educate policymakers and the public about the great work happening at the labs.” The Senator continued that “STIG will make it easier to detect and mitigate attacks before they happen.”


“It was a very successful day and we are proud of the recognition Senator Risch gave not only to the public-private partnership with the Idaho National Laboratory but also that he specifically recognized STIG. That speaks to the importance of the product. In 2017, our CEO Daniel Riedel, was invited to speak before Senate and highlighted New Context’s continued research to help protect critical infrastructure. Our recent collaboration with INL is part of our mission to help keep the connected world safe” said Andrew Storms, VP of Security Services at New Context.