New Context Certified Kubernetes Administrator

New Context builds and uplifts secure Kubernetes implementations and migrations, from initial design to infrastructure automation and management.

DevOps manages how software is deployed and updated at scale, and Kubernetes is an infrastructure framework supporting this model. The modular approach of Kubernetes enables faster development by smaller, more focused teams.

Instead of bolting on operations as an afterthought, Kubernetes brings software development and operations together by design. It uses declarative, infrastructure-agnostic constructs to describe how applications are composed, how they interact and how they’re managed. Kubernetes also enables an order-of-magnitude increase in the operability of modern software systems.

With Kubernetes, it’s easy to manage the application lifecycle. As an open source tool, it allows you to deploy, scale, and manage containerized applications, handles the work of scheduling containers onto a compute cluster, and manages workloads to ensure they run as the user intended.

Kubernetes is integral to our holistic approach to building critical infrastructure.

At New Context, we build and uplift secure Kubernetes implementations and migrations, from design to infrastructure automation and management. We also address security policy and workflow changes necessary to support Kubernetes migrations, deployment, and observability.

Our experience includes service deployment security reviews on Kubernetes clusters as well as infrastructure build and deployment automation.

Kubernetes Implementation

  • Cloud-native, hybrid cloud, or on-prem
  • Deploy from code
  • Integrate with configuration management systems, secrets management systems, and identity federation systems
  • Address data governance requirements
  • Support financial and business metrics collection and reporting

Kubernetes Migration

  • From other container orchestration system such as Mesos and Marathon;
  • Within Mesosphere DC/OS deployments;
  • From VM-based service deployments

Proof of Concept to Production
Production is much more than just standing up a Kubernetes cluster. We help you move from proof of concept to production with expertise deploying secure container registry, container build system, deployment automation, metrics, and log management.

Kubernetes Training
Our team provides custom tailored Kubernetes training for your organization, including hands-on labs demonstrating core principles that follow the curriculum for CNCF Certified Kubernetes Administrator.
Our Kubernetes services help DevOps manage how software is deployed and updated at scale.

New Context is working with customers in the industrial internet, energy, finance and telecommunications to increase the velocity of their software releases. How can we help you?