In today’s hyper-connected world remembering where you put your own physical keys is hard enough…but key management for a nation-wide enterprise of digital infrastructure, now that’s REALLY hard!  There are secrets, tokens, passwords, digital certificates, cryptographic keys like SSL/TLS/SSH, endpoints, machine identities, and a slew of other IAM credentials all just waiting to be lost; and if not lost, susceptible to expiration, revocation, or mismanagement when it comes time to invoke them.  This costs you time and money!  Not to mention frustration and confusion…but emotions are harder to financially quantify!  Seriously, according to a recent joint report by AIR and Venafi, key management ‘mismanagement’ costs the global economy between $51.5 to $71.9B US dollars a year.  That’s a HUGE sum of money!   

Why not make it easy on yourself and your business!  With New Context expert engineers and the right tools, enterprise key management is easy, AND done securely for you.  New Context engineers are masters at building, integrating, and maintaining secure key management infrastructure, using tools like Venafi to protect machine identities with continuous discovery and monitoring, and  Hashicorp tools which help store and tightly control access to tokens, passwords, certificates, encryption keys, and other types of sensitive data.  But most of all, New Context is a master at putting all the tools together to build and manage your entire company’s multi-cloud MSP solution specifically tailored to take the burden off you!

Recently, New Context partnered with a major nation-wide Real Estate Company to secure, build, and manage their growing enterprise key management infrastructure.  Previously, the company had struggled to keep pace with building a sustainable and dependable means for scaling and securing their keys for countless applications and processes sprawling across their nation-wide footprint.  However, recognizing the need to operate at the speed of business, they realized they needed to overhaul and automate their current key management arrangement. That’s when they called New Context to help build and manage their MSP solution.

Upon receipt of the mission, a crack team of New Context DevSecOps engineers quickly deployed to create AWS EC2s instances, Hashi Vault containers, use Venafi tools like TrustAuthority and TrustNet to gain visibility on certificate inventory, and Secure SSH to manage the configurations.  Pre-existing automation tools like Chef Cookbooks, Terraform modules, and Packer images were also updated and integrated into CI/CD deployment pipelines to make the whole process smooth from beginning to end!

However, building the platform was only half the battle.  That’s because every robust key management system is constantly changing!  This means that there must be a continuous management process to sustain and secure every key with expert care.  The critical infrastructure for your company can not afford any service interruption and needs to ensure that it always delivers your secrets when invoked, thus, it must carefully be maintained.  New Context engineers are experts at nurturing those living environments with care.  New Context can manage the entire process by instituting an MSP multi-cloud solution. Our model combines the expertise of design with build, and leverages our ability to smoothly manage the flow of secrets, making it easy for our clients from end to end.

Unlike traditional MSP offerings, New Context’s MSP leverages our unique experience with DevSecOps to provide highly-automated, secure compliant services for modern multi-cloud infrastructure. Our engineers implement the latest technologies to enable continuous auditability and policy compliance for your company by providing secure locations for the creation and storage of your secrets and keys. Key Management is ensured using sound DevSecOps Frameworks, automated container orchestration, and monitoring and security assurance best practices for the seamless integration of your cross-region key exchanges in multi-cloud MSPs. 

Ultimately, New Context built a secure and resilient enterprise-wide key management program, reducing the Real Estate company’s time to rapidly scale and deploy. SO if you think keeping up with your own house keys is hard, try keeping up with a nationwide Real Estate Company’s volume of keys across the nation!

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New Context, Inc. is the security innovator for highly regulated industries. Our products and consulting services enable global leaders in energy, government and across the enterprise to build, deploy and maintain Secure Compliant Data Platforms. The company is a leader in DevSecOps, open standards, advancing the development of STIX, TAXII, and OpenC2 for security automation as a force multiplier for defenders.


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