DevOps and security. Its a muddled mix of waters made even more confusing by the wet ink still on the concept of DevOps. There is no denying the popularity of DevOps and there is a lot of talk on how the DevOps movement functions alongside security teams.

The annual USA RSA conference is just around the corner and its worth noting a handful of DevOps focused talks deserving of your attention.


I am anticipating a lot of common themes around integrating DevOps and Security regarding tools, processes and culture. Given the history of these speakers, you can probably anticipate many of them to be on the bandwagon of security and DevOps folks better learn to work together and learn from each other or be prepared to find a new job.


If I missed a talk that specifically covers the nexus of DevOps and Security at RSA USA this year, please leave a comment and I’ll be sure to get it included.