Reducing Cost and Risk Using DevSecOps Automation

office laptopAs a leader in financial technology, our client has been delivering innovative payment and risk solutions for more than 25 years. Providing protection for a diverse network of financial, government, and payment entities and the customers they serve, our client ensures safe, secure, and convenient financial transactions, nationwide.

With the organization unable to deliver software products on time and lacking infrastructure and security automation, the CTO and CISO wanted assistance in strengthening their ability to meet compliance and federal regulations in an efficient way.

Lean Security Assessment and implementation using DevSecOps automation and orchestration
integration services, provided by New Context.

Improved infrastructure deployment time and efforts by 99.93%, while maintaining strict security and compliance and meeting federal regulation requirements.

Bolstering Secure Software Development Practices

Developing new technologies for the student loan industry, our customer recognized a need for their software development practices to be bolstered. Management was concerned that their offshore developers were not aware of their security requirements.

With the management focused on retaining more capitol and expanding business, leadership needed a cost effective way to prove their security and compliance to vendors and investors.

Lean Security Assessment using the New Context LS/IQ software platform. New Context utilized highly skilled and veteran security, compliance and large scale infrastructure staff to assist the customer with an assessment.

In under 6 months, the organization had completed over half of the high prioritized recommendations. The customer actively used the LS/IQ platform to measure and improve their ratings for secure software development lifecycle (SDLC) requirements.

Delivering Financial Fraud Protection Services

credit card keyboardWith Lean Security methods, a large financial services firm is able to deliver more accurate and trusted fraud detection tools to some of the largest financial institutions in North America.
New Context embedded senior level engineers within the company and completed:

  • Built information radiators.
  • Automated infrastructure builds and produced audit reports using Chef audit.
  • Managed teams and demonstrated proper Agile software development methodologies.

Security and Compliance In The Cloud

A large non-profit undergoing a strategic transformation by moving workloads to the AWS cloud needed to ensure their systems met SOC 2 compliance. New Context automated detection and remediation of non-compliant systems by leveraging AWS native services such as AWS Lambda, Key Management Service (KMS), and AWS Backup.

Scaling To Meet Customer Demand

When it comes to delivering comprehensive and scalable on-board operating systems for the student transit and public transit industries, our client found themselves outselling the capabilities of this architecture. New Context re architected numerous application and infrastructure components to meet and exceed their scaling needs.

Custom Application Development

When a leader in using Blockchain discovered they had hit upon a new product idea, but lacked the proper resources to deliver, they came to New Context for assistance. New Context established a team of security minded application software specialists to build an integrity assurance engine for log messages that uses Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana and Blockchain.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Harness the power of cyber threat intelligence Clients of New Context trust us to perform original cyber security research and to build customer integrations between popular information security tools to build automated and trusted closed loop platforms.

Custom Services Integration

A leading company that sells a threat intelligence sharing platform recognized a need for customized integrations within the security eco system. The company turned to New Context to develop customized intelligence feed adapters for industry leading SIEMs.

Maintaining Governance Risk Management and Compliance

One of California’s largest health care providers needed a method to automate systems provisioning in their private cloud that also helped maintain HIPAA compliance. New Context developed a customized self-service portal for provisioning a complex Java based application server that integrated with VMware, Puppet Enterprise and Gitlab.