Industry: Finance

Company Size: 300 employees serving over 1,400 financial partners, nationwide

Location: United States

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Struggling to keep up with market needs, our client was failing to deliver products on time and unable to keep up with accelerating changes in regulations … placing them in legal jeopardy, in danger of losing compliance with FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) in order to continue conducting certain types of transactions, and potentially at risk for going out of business With the organization unable to deliver software products on time and lacking infrastructure and security automation, the CTO and CISO wanted assistance in strengthening their ability to meet compliance and federal regulations in an efficient way.


In an effort to deeply understand the organization’s data infrastructure and to determine the most effective approach for improving their IT business practices, our team performed a Lean Security Assessment. The assessment measured all aspects of the organization’s security operation, including use of Agile, DevSecOps culture, security and compliance.

Coming out of the assessment – with inspired collaboration with the organization’s talented Technology and Security teams – New Context implemented a solution based on our singular design pattern – a holistic approach to protecting the movement of data in critical infrastructure.  In this case, our DevSecOps automation and orchestration integration services were leveraged to improve the organization’s infrastructure deployment time and efforts by 99.93%.

“New Context’s expert recommendations have improved our infrastructure automation immensely. Their involvement has been key to transforming our software development and technology processes.”


With the help of New Context, the team was able to automate application deployments and server provisioning and remove communication barriers. As a result, provisioning and deployment time was reduced from six weeks down to one hour — with some applications taking only a few seconds to deploy and fully provisioned, new servers taking as little as ten minutes.
With the ability to innovate and deliver on their mission more quickly, collaboratively, and securely, the client is now compliant with Federal regulations, can better serve their customers, and grow their bottom line.