New Context - Lean Security

Back from Thanksgiving week-end! Aside from my family duties, I took the time this long weekend to read a book that is hopefully a best seller in the DevOps community: “The Phoenix Project” – a Novel by Gene Kim, George Spafford, and Kevin Behr.

I had the opportunity to learn about TPS – Toyota Production System last year when I was talking to a leading innovation labs in Silicon Valley. This book is fascinating on clearly articulating how much you can learn from lean manufacturing inspired by TPS – which has been adopted by most manufacturers worldwide nowadays – and apply it to secure software production. I have to say that this should be a must read for all DevOps organization, and I have not seen many companies truly getting the substance of this new approach to deliver software. Building software has too long been done as an art, it can been done in an industrial, robust fashion.

At New Context, we have fully integrated this in our DNA, we have even created LeanSecurity to give enterprises tools and processes to successfully implement DevOps, and make sure data is protected.

Read our Lean Security Manifesto, and let’s talk!

-Dimitri Volkmann, CMO, New Context