Blockchain Withthebest ConferenceDaniel Riedel, CEO, New Context, has been selected to present at Blockchain WithTheBest Virtual Conference, November 15-16.

The world’s largest online summit dedicated to blockchain will provide two tracks: General and Dev, with 50 sessions across the two-day event which can be attended live or via recordings. Sessions will be led by experts who developed the blockchain and will explore all of its facets, including crypto-currencies, the disruption and impact it will cause to finance, critical infrastructure, security, data, AI, and governance, and will discuss what’s next.

New Context Presentation: Wednesday, November 15
Attribution and Secure Coding – How could blockchain help?

Daniel Riedel, CEO, New Context

Daniel Riedel, CEO New ContextDaniel Riedel serves as CEO of New Context, a Lean Security firm. He is also co-founder of the Internet of Things (IoT)-ISAO, which is dedicated to the sharing of best practices, security research and threat intelligence, both physical and cyber, for IoT. Daniel is also a member of the OASIS Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Technical Committee. With over 20 years of experience in technology and operational infrastructure, Riedel is an entrepreneur with deep expertise building secure, scalable technologies and businesses. He has broad experience in engineering, security, operations, analytics and product development. Daniel has published a variety of positions on cybersecurity and threat intelligence, writing for publications such as TechCrunch, Wired, Washington Post, Dark Reading and Federal Times and has often been a speaker at global events, including Borderless Cyber and OASIS.