beyondthecloudThere are certain inflection points, transitions, and cyclical patterns in technology. Mainframe to personal computer, desktop to mobile, mobile to wearables — each pushing the center of computing back and forth, back and forth. With each of these inflections there are concurrent power shifts; IBM to Microsoft, Microsoft to Apple, Google to Amazon, and now, most recently, Apple to GE.

“Technology innovation is table stakes for the internet of things transformation,” GE’s Chief Commercial Officer Kate Johnson said “We will need new, innovative ways to ingest and analyze mass quantities of data. Many companies are rising to this challenge – we are pleased with the plethora of new technology that is available.”

What this means for everyone, from the consumer to the enterprise, is that, soon, every traffic light, washing machine, toaster and train engine will be monitored, controlled and built better, on a daily basis. Over the past several years, in anticipation of a huge shift, GE has been patiently building products and a data processing platform to consume and process everything on the planet.


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