Industry: Industrial

Location: Global

Challenge: Improve Operational Performance

A global industrial company with worldwide locations was seeking a better way to improve their operational performance. Unfortunately, it wrestled with large and varied volumes of information and data from numerous business locations around the globe and struggled with the meaningfulness of episodic reports that were often manually compiled.

The company needed to become more operationally efficient. New Context was hired and the goal was simple. Develop a consolidated process that collects disparate data and enables corporate headquarters to more quickly evaluate operational efficiencies from numerous global locations. In short, arm decision-makers with up-to-the-minute data on operational efficiency, whether it was about equipment failures, personnel shortages, or local temperatures.

Solution: Ephemeral ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load)

New Context was tasked with creating a solution that would permit global sites to upload their data to the cloud where Ephemeral ETL would compile it into user-friendly dashboards for decision makers. As this process can take a significant amount of computation, even in the cloud, large organizations must also implement a comprehensive plan for the countless instances used to manage their data processing requirements. Unfortunately, this also creates additional security and compliance challenges.

However, New Context pioneered a way of doing ETL processing with AWS Lambda that reduced the company’s server footprint to zero, and thereby significantly reduced their compliance and security woes. AWS Lambda is a computing option that allows engineers to run code without managing a server, and means that once a program is finished running, the output data would be saved while the executing Lambda program would essentially ‘disappear.’ New Context also implemented critical controls for how the data was extracted from a server and then transformed into a company specific KPI, and then loaded into a report generator.
New Context also deployed the infrastructure necessary to ensure the Lambda functions would run in concert with the S3 buckets for data storage, allowing communication between large sets of data and different Lambda functions. Finally, New Context mentored the company’s engineering teams on good DevSecOps software security methodologies, and the best coding practices to design, build, and employ highly efficient performance infrastructure in the cloud.

BONUS! Significant reduction to Security Risks and Costs

No assets to secure! Because there are no systems for ETL processing to guard, or OS’s to be watched, or servers to secure, the entire solution-set New Context implemented achieved the added benefit of reducing operational risks by decreasing security threat exposures for the company. Reducing your asset footprint reduces overall exposure. These added economic and security benefits accelerated the company’s operational performance allowing them to focus on their core business models and best of all, it came free of charge!


Thanks to New Context’s cloud expertise and consulting experience, the company’s operational performance accelerated in no time! Using AWS Lambda’s versatile and unique ability to run multiple ETL programs concurrently enabled company leadership to have up-to-the-minute reports at their fingertips with the peace of mind that it was both secure and compliant!