We plan, build and migrate client infrastructure and applications to public, private and hybrid clouds.

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We empower your teams with technology to focus on the most valuable projects, bridging the gap between engineering and IT operations.

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We secure data and systems, delivering assurance and eliminating insider threat.

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Systems automation significantly reduces time to market and greatly increases operational efficiency - allowing your engineers to tackle smarter, more valuable problems.

Does your business face any of these challenges?

Years of growth without automation have left enterprises bloated, slow, and cumbersome.
  • Is your CMO frustrated that your Big Data strategy is slowed by your operations’ inability to grow and scale to demand?
  • Is your plan to implement architecture to modern automated infrastructure blocked, either by resources or lack of experience?
  • Is your infrastructure team seen as a roadblock to your business?
  • Do you want to lead the market by adopting systems automation practices?

Organizations that adopt systems automation are able to function significantly better.

"The entire trend of "cloud" can be described the automation of all operational aspects of running applications and keeping data. It is no longer an option to not automate, instead it has to be the #1 strategic imperative of every IT team. It is the only way to survive." – Jason Hoffman, Board Director, New Context; Founder, Joyent, VP Corporate Strategy, Ericsson

When engaging New Context, you are bringing in the experience of a full-spectrum of enterprise infrastructure to bear on your architecture. We are powered with the best tools and practices to train, educate, and engineer your enterprise into a better more efficient and competitive market position.

Our team is positioned to be able to architect your infrastructure to:

  • Efficiently keep pace with market demand
  • Expand human resource availability
  • Increase agility and release speed
  • Create more robust and durable infrastructure
58% of Fortune 1000 IT Leaders have faster delivery of IT services in top 3 priorities Source: Chef

How are you automating the release of IT updates?


release updates weekly


release updates daily


release multiple updates per day

Source: Chef



"You can’t defend, you can't prevent. The only thing you can do is detect and respond." - Bruce Schneier

Data tampering costs companies billions and reveals vulnerabilities reducing customer confidence. Assuring the integrity of your data - your most valuable asset - is a critical priority for any enterprise taking security seriously.

Enterprises are focusing on authentication and encryption, but few have chosen to protect the integrity of their data.

  • Do you protect and monitor all valuable assets within your infrastructure such as logs, applications, IP, and compliance records?
  • Do you make decisions critical to your business based on analytics that you trust to be true?
  • How do you prevent important data from leaving your network?
  • How do you protect and trust the veracity and auditability of your data from internal and external tampering?
  • How can you verify the integrity, security, and privacy in the new world of devices - Connected Car, M2M, and the Internet of Things?

The benefits to being able to understand and watch the state of your data are immeasurable.

"The industry is evolving with increased management abstraction, agility, scalability, and focus on trust and digital asset integrity." – Matt Johnson, CTO, Guardtime USA

Engaging New Context to review and architect security solutions around data integrity will create a substantially more robust infrastructure that will build trust for your business.

  • Create a truly auditable environment
  • Build integrity into your Big Data Solution
  • Protect the business from insider and external threats
  • Sign, timestamp, and protect your IP, Software, Legal and Trade Craft documents
  • Build trust in M2M, Connected Car, V2V, and the every growing world of IoT

World Economic Forum estimated cost of ineffective cyber security by 2020

Source: WEF

Average organizational cost of data breach in the US

Source: Ponemon

87 days on average to first recognize that insider fraud has occurred and 3 months to get at the root cause of the fraud

Source: Ponemon

51% of CEOs say their company experiences cyber attacks daily or hourly

Source: Ponemon

80% of CEOs believe good security procedures increases brand or marketplace image

Source: Ponemon



The world’s information doubles every two years; how are you managing your data volume? The cloud, whether public or private, allows for the efficient management of compute resources. Being able to integrate, architect and deploy solutions is key to the success of your enterprise.

  • Do you fear that migrating to the cloud will cause you to lose control of your infrastructure?
  • Do you believe that the cloud is not a secure environment for your data?
  • Are you concerned that you will lose performance?
  • Are you concerned about the durability of the cloud and how to create redundancy?
  • Do you understand how to optimize what each vendor offers?
  • Do you require the freedom to switch vendors and migrate between different clouds?
  • Are your competitors quicker to adopt the cloud?

Cloud orchestration positions your company to be able to grow dynamically, allowing your business to make faster and more agile decisions. Scaling your infrastructure is about being able to keep pace with the market and staying ahead of your competitors.

"Today’s individual products are great achievements, however, when they are able to truly scale they become instruments to change humanity." - Joi Ito

Orchestrating your cloud with New Context designs your environment to be more lean, productive, creative, and innovative while mitigating risk.

  • Build architecture to control infrastructure
  • Design strategies that secure your data in the cloud
  • Utilize the best of breed products to deliver performance
  • Maximize your uptime by creating cloud-native solutions
  • Use the best deployment and scaling technology to delivery agility

Annual savings of users who move apps to the cloud

Source: Business Insider

of CIOs cut application costs by moving to the cloud

Source: Huffington Post

of CIOs indicate that cloud computing is their top priority

Source: Huffington Post

Your Company Is Data

What are you doing today to optimize, secure and scale?

Have you done everything you can to ensure your company’s future?

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